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VIDEO: The challenges of nutrition education in Cambodia

Bou Him is a mother of a two-year-old son. Sith Lot, health volunteer said her son went underweight and wasted as a result of malnutrition.

“She breastfeeds her children only five or ten minutes since she is busy. The problem is that she does not properly breastfeed her children,” he said.

Sor Chheourn and Bou Him didn’t react to the explanation of health volunteer. They admitted the fact that causes their son fails into malnutrition.

“To have breast milk for our son, I tell her to eat much meat and more vegetables. Yet to be frank, our son does not gains weight,” said Chheourn.

A number of educational programs are being conducted by Ministry of Health and NGOs. to enhance maternal and child health. Yet, up to 40{b69eb9076eed3786f921d1fb8edd982040ed38832715481000d6d4965d29163e} of children under five are reportedly malnourished.

You Sang, Chief of Phnom Dek Health Center in Preah Vihear province, said that, the education is still limited; it does not go deeply.

“They do not get fully well-informed from Ministry of Health, and some of them still follow traditional ways; therefore, many children cannot grow well,” he said.

In Cambodia, Preah Vihear is considered the most vulnerable region having high prevalence rate of malnutrition issue.

Official says the intervention through education, on the other hand, has not yet improved nutrition condition.