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VIDEO: Media Student Turns Len on Malnutrition

“Malnutrition” is one of critical issue in Cambodia where not many people have an appealing with. Children who age under five are facing malnutrition problem. And the late report says almost 40{b69eb9076eed3786f921d1fb8edd982040ed38832715481000d6d4965d29163e} of children are malnourished.

I turned lens to health issue. More importantly, I am more critical with child health. Their age of development should be well-feed. But the majority do not receive well input of nutrient, and sufficient food, leaving them get stunting, under weight, and even over weight.

Since health issue is much more critical, I faced many challenges to get the project done one time. Meanwhile, I received kindly supports from people surrounded, especially from seniors who are working for World Vision organization. That was very kind of them assisting me finding sources and even accompanying to provinces.

I chose multimedia as an graduation project.

The following video is a courtesy to World Vision Cambodia, who interviewed me a process of conducting my project. Also, I was so proud to be a part of malnutrition talker.

NOTE: Article & video were originally published on World Vision’s social media channels.