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Keynote Speaker on “Fake News”

I yesterday could not thank enough to those who showed up participating and patiently listening my presentation. And my sincere thank to #Barcamp organizers for allowing me to be part of the wonderful event. I would say, this year, #Barcamp 2018 was so special and different.

Remarkably, I truly felt amazed seeing young #Cambodia loving and enjoying the event: ICT exhibition, product launch, and knowledge sharing session. On the top of that, I feel proud of #Koompi team who have eventually made mark over new brand computer: Koompi. The computer design is so cool. I love it.

In my view, this could prove progress and change of tech and digital industry in Cambodia that I strongly encourage and call for all stakeholders investing more, at all causes, into technology sector. In connection with, the government authorities should play vital roles in coordination, fills the digital gap, and brings the sustainable development.