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In Cambodia, where good writers for film

It is obviously seen that the failure of individual film is the result of poor storytelling, poor production value, and poor marketing strategy. In film making, storytelling is the core element. However, filmmaker cannot tell audience in a way like comic book or comedian does on stage.

To tell an interesting story through film, filmmaker have to build content that engages people. Sometimes, film producers are proud with good stories they have. And most of the time, they fail to understand how does the process of film making work in the level of professionalism.

Having good story are not enough. Filmmaker must know how to craft each story into script, screenplay, and storyboard. After having these, the next job is to find good producer and crew. They have to choose the competent people to work, from director to car driver. On the top of that, director of photography is not the people on the streets who know only pressing record or carry out camera around.

Having people that are skillful and talented is a hard seeking. Filmmaker may complain why this is so complicated only finding good team. But, specialist said filmmaker have to accept challenge and keep looking for. If they choose the right team, they will deliver good product. This is a so-called people come first, good content come next.

In Cambodia, I do believe there are a slew of good writers for film out there. We often encounter them through publications of work. If we visit bookstore, we see so many. However, this do not mean they are good at screenplay writing.

Screenplay, in short, is the script of a film, including acting instruction and scene direction. Screenwriter writes screenplay for film, video game, and television series.

In an article by Elliot Grove, he wrote 10 things that filmmakers should know about screenwriting:

  • Verbal pitches
  • Predictable and generic story ideas
  • High concept vs. low concept
  • Understanding the writing process
  • Being seduced by dialogue
  • Understanding character
  • Understanding genre
  • Understanding universal appeal
  • Understanding story structure