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Why Filmmaker

“You don’t have to be genius.” “Keep dream alive, and carry on.”

At a dinner gathering, some friends asked me what I am doing right now. Shortly, I was frustrated to give my fellows’ response. Neither a difficult question. However, it was very tough telling them of my current job.

I was eventually suck. Not really or I wasn’t ready, saying I love films. And I am now producing some movies with local production house.

Last year, it was my graduation year. I entered university in the year 2009. But life didn’t go with the ways I planed. Everything was going messed. The whole year in 2009, I couldn’t find any good school for a long-life career. This was suck again.

Then a suck story of my life begun.

New life in town is a new journey. It is a new page of I turned the direction. At that time, I moved to Phnom Penh with a hectic feeling. A so-called “a paradise city in heaven”, different drama of lives could be encountered within Phnom Penh.

The most terrible moment was happening by the time I didn’t pass any government scholarship. I knew I was doing good at hometown high school. I was actually a top-five outstanding in class. But things had changed. And anything could happen during the national exam in the community I am living. Neither a corrupted system. People were cheating to get good grade, indeed.

Born in a poor family, I was completely blurred of new technology and modernization. And a study life seems suck because I absolutely don’t have money to pursue my higher education like others. That’s true. It was happened to me and everyone. Once again, I got stuck like a dam shit loaded. But I never give up any moment I thought of. Because I have dreams, I must achieve it.

“Don’t fail, when your plan fails.”

Got only ten bucks in hands, how could I manage life surviving in town for first two weeks where everything has to be paid even peeing. No doubt, this is a dam life of mine. From public to private school, I usually went to check all the scholarship announcement. And never miss even a single piece of information.

Luckily, after went through for nearly ten entrance exams, I eventually had passed one. University of Cambodia was the first battle place of my higher education. Sorry, there was something went wrong. it wasn’t a suitable major study that I was looking for a long-life career.

Yeah, this was suck since I quit from University of Cambodia. And I joined Department of Media and Communication in 2010 as a freshman. This might be a stupid decision. However, I can’t assure that what I am going to be if I was still a UCer.

Once you were lack of information to make a wise decision. You say that you are in the middle of nowhere. Yeah,  it is kind of true. And it is a big challenge that you are confronting, today.

Four-year degree in media management, I was struggling like hell. I studied and I also worked at a nighttime. Isn’t that suck? Nope, everyone who faces financial deficit are doing the same things.

Hardworking along with strong commitment give me an awesome result during academic year. Amazingly, I have successfully graduated in July, 2014 in media management.And this is just my first dream. There have many more dream to be continued.

Love yourself more than others. Learn from the mistakes and make a huge change. Learn to forgive rather hate. Forget the bad things that discourage you to move on. No afraid of making mistakes, but be smart, flexible to challenge all the matter coming to you. Solution…Solution…Solution..!!!

Last but not least, big thank my parents, family, and everyone out there. Without your all supports, I can’t be who I am today. From journalist to filmmaker, I am happy that I could find my favorite career.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” — Steve Jobs.