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“Cambodia Holds World’s Largest Tech Event”

Aim at mobilizing tech lovers, organizer has recalled key success, saying Cambodia has held the world’s largest BarCamp event in 2018 that the record beat BarCamp Yangon 2013 held in Myanmar.

Last week, a group of techies has organized BarCamp ASEAN 2018 at Institute of Technology of Cambodia in Phnom Penh that  event is commonly known as BarCamp Phnom Penh.

Lead organizer of BarCamp ASEAN, Be Chantra said on Facebook post that about 8000 participants have attended the event and with 1M online engagement, adding that, this has marked the world’s largest BarCamp record. He said there were 60 exhibitors, 95 speakers, 85 topics, 1000 companies and organizations that showed up and involved with the event.

BarCamp Phnom Penh is an annual gathering of computer enthusiasts, young IT professionals, social innovators, web & mobile developers, bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs, social media professionals and university students, says its websites, adding that, BarCamp’s main purpose is to learn and share about new forms of social innovation based on technologies and tools that are bringing strong benefits to individuals and organizations.

BarCamp ASEAN 2018’s thematic topic is “Powering Your Future in Digital Era”, said the press release.