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Accessing COVID-19 data and information in Cambodia

Cambodia is praised regionally in fighting against COVID-19, reporting a low case and no yet dead record. The effectiveness and prompt response to global pandemic marks Cambodia as one of the safest place to live in ASEAN. Until October 2020, the country is reopening school and business and it has been told practicing hygiene and wearing mask should be mandatory.

Despite initial success in slow down the virus, citizens must be precautious as always. Everyone should be well informed of ongoing cases and relevant information. With that, besides receiving daily updates from Cambodia’s Health Ministry through its Facebook channel, citizens could access to various news outlets. Significantly, a local open data organization, Open Development Cambodia (ODC) creates a data dashboard and writes a comprehensive article over socio-economic impacts that is aimed providing up-to-date information of COVID-19 to the public.

The following attachment is COVID-19 dashboard made and credited to an organization, Open Development Cambodia team that they are regularly update it based on the government data and information.