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Six films shot in Cambodia

A number of films had been filmed in Cambodia. However, there are 6 major films that were shot in Cambodia which you should watch.

1. City of Ghost (2002)

city-of-ghosts-movie-poster-2003-1020476390Gangster Jimmy must come to Cambodia to collect his share in money. The shooting locations in Cambodia include Phnom Penh, the old French Police head quarter, Battambang, Kep, Udong, Phnom Penh Chisor, and Bokor Hill Station. (Director, Matt Dillon)

2. Lara Croft: Tom Raider (2001)

Lara Croft

About one third of the movie was shot in Siem Reap province. The story is based on a computer game with heroin Lara Croft (staring, Angelina Jolie) who comes to find one half of the “Triangle of Light” in Cambodia and another half in Russia. The shooting locations in Cambodia include Ta Prom temple, Angkor Wat, Bayon temple, and waterfall at Phnom Koulen Mountain. (Director, Simon West)

3. Same Same But Different (2010)

Same Same But Different

The love between a German backpacker and a Cambodian bargirl includes shots of the historic “White Building” from the 1960s inTonle Bassac, a disco scene filmed in an abandoned colonial villa opposite the National Museum, and numerous scenes shot in guest house on the Boeung Kak Lake that is currently being filled with sand. (Director, Detlev Buck)

4. Lord Jim (1965)

Lord JIm

Young English merchant seaman Jim is offered an extremely dangerous job – transporting gunpowder and rifles by river to Partusan. Based on Joseph Conrad’s novel, the films is shot in different locations: Shepperton, Great Britain, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, Mlacca, Malaysia, and Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia. (Director, Richard Brooks)

5. Bird of Paradise (1962)

19824 - Bird of Paradise

The film is about the ill-fated love affair between an itinerant worker and a temple dancer. Some of the actors, such as Saksi Sbong, went on to become popular stars, and Yvon Hem, who worked as an errand boy for the production, became one of the most accomplished directors in Cambodia.  The shooting locations include the area around Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat. (Director, Marcel Camus

6. In the Mood for Love (2001)


The story is about the love of two people (Chow Mo-Wan and Su Li-zhen) who found out that their spouse had another love affair while working outside. Because of guilt, they decide not to live together and finally split up for different living. The final scene was shot in Siem Reap province, Cambodia, where the main actor visits Angkor Wat temple. (Director, Wong Kar-wai)